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Company Law

Every entrepreneur, regardless of their business profile, needs a good legal background. We know how an industry’s specific conditions can affect legal regulations, so we do our best to approach each client individually. We support companies at every stage of their business. Our specialists not only provide advice, but also take care of the entire documentation and correctness of all the contracts signed by the company. We consult all the changes with the client on an ongoing basis to make running the business easier to them.

Taking our clients’ well being into account, our law firm provides entrepreneurs with many different services in the area of the company law. Among them are:

Counseling When Starting a Business

We assist from the moment the company gets registered, because there’s already a lot of questions at this stage in regard to the interpretation of law. We help choose the right legal form and prepare regulations.

Ongoing Company Support

We assist our clients every day. We answer every question, we make everything clear.

Transformations, Splits and Fusions

All the organizational changes of a company related to an array of inevitable procedures. In the interest of the client’s convenience we take care of every detail.

Vindication of Payments Due

With our help, all matters related to indebtedness will be swiftly solved. We take care of the necessary correspondence and documentation.

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Building Contracts and Negotiating with Contractors

We prepare all the agreements and contracts, as well as interpret and review the ones received in order to arrange the best conditions for our clients.

Representation Before Administrative Entities And Courts

We prepare the required documentation and on behalf of the client testify before the adequate offices, courts and other government entities.

Partner And Shareholder Meeting Support

We provide a constant agreement between partners, we prevent conflicts and regulate contracts signed between them.

Securities Counseling

We help a company enter the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We organize the first public offers, which makes the transformation process much easier.

Investment Counseling

We help entrepreneurs through the entire investment process, from the plan to obtaining extra funds. We take care of every detail of our and our clients’ implementations.

Terminating a Company

We offer counseling in the area of terminating a business. We support the process of selling a company or liquidating it.