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Procedural Law

 Procedural law covers many important matters, including the proceedings initiation mode, dates and mode of appeal, presenting charges, status of the parties and many more. Thanks to knowing these rules we are able to lead the client through every proceeding.

The law firm’s tasks therefore mostly include representing clients before courts of every instance, in every type of court and administrative proceeding. We accompany them from the beginning to the end, analyzing all the circumstances and responding to every change that occurs.

Already at the stage preceding trial initiation we aim for a settlement. Just like during trade negotiations, we aim for a settlement. Mitigating a dispute is often the best solution. W try to encourage this form of solving all cases. We support the client in negotiations and develop a scenario of finishing a dispute through a settlement.

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In the event of a court case we develop entire action plan

We collect and analyze evidence relevant to the entire proceeding

We represent our clients before the right entities


We create required documentation

We create all the summons, motions, complaints, reports, appeals and other letters related to a court trial. We also develop settlement projects.

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We represent the client in all types of proceedings, from regular ones, to prescriptive and admonitory ones, to enforcement, insolvency and corrective ones. They are monitored constantly. We help both natural and legal persons alike. We participate in civil and criminal trials.

During a court proceeding we start with an initial evaluation, or an interview with the customer. We collect and analyze evidence and evaluate the situation the client is in, including the risk that can occur. We present the most likely outcomes and develop the most optimal stance the client can take.

A lawsuit sometimes takes many months, which is why we not only focus on successfully finishing a hearing, but also take care of every client’s image, so that the long lasting case doesn’t affect them significantly. All the matters related to the case are important for its positive outcome. We are sure that we can finalize every case.