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The scope of services

Our team has been composed so that with their broad competences they can provide comprehensive legal services. Experience gained in few different countries makes us experts in our field. The scope of our actions focuses on every branch of law. The main area of our interests mostly covers the following elements:

Representation and counseling for road hauliers, insurers and owners of delivered wares, apprehension appeals, we provide comprehensive legal help in getting indemnifications.
Legal counseling (individual and group), writing agreements, writing rules, health and safety support, employee’s right training, signing and terminating employment relationships.
Counseling in investment processes, supporting contract negotiations, corporate counseling, arranging shareholder meetings, court representation, solving disputes.
Representing in any cases related to legal proceedings, legal analysis for business crime, counseling and risk evaluation for criminal liability, working with detective agencies.
Representing clients during court proceedings, during civil, administrative, arbitration and tax proceedings. Supporting during a vindication process, obtaining property and inheritance laws.
Recognizing legal power and feasibility of a ruling issued by an authorized entity, as long as specific requirements are fulfilled.

A Delegation Directly To The Client

In the interest of our business clients, we create convenient solutions that provide effective legal help. Our law firm offers an option of delegating one of the employees to the client’s office at an arranged hour. This service related to additional support or actions for a particular project.

Experience And Professionalism

Our clients can discuss their situation at every stage of the trial. It allows to avoid mistakes and misconceptions. Dialogue and trust are our basis when it comes to working together. We aim to handle each case individually. Our knowledge comes from experience. Further improvement is important to us, because that is what we owe the top level of the services we offer to.

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